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So – what is Skansen?

It’s an outdoor museum which focuses on everyday life in Sweden in the ”old times”. When Swedes mostly lived in the countryside, when most people were farmers, poor or wealthy.
It’s a park.
It’s a zoo with Scandinavian animals.
It’s a place full of photo spots, secluded paths for romancing and lots of fun for kids of all ages.
It’s a place for Fika and having a good meal.
It’s a place for shopping Swedish handicraft.

I love Skansen.
I’ve been there as a child, then I injoyed watching the seals and the penguins (Scandinavian Penguins?!!? – no, they are not there any longer. The elephants have been moved, as well.) I loved riding the electrical cars which run on tracks.

I’ve been there as a semi-grown-up, on rainy days when I needed comfort and peace. A good friend, Fika and long talks while rambling around.

I’ve been there as a student of ethnology, being introduced to farming, building and living in different parts of Sweden through the buildings in Skansen.

I’ve been there with my children. Watching the animals, listening to folkloristic horror tales at Halloween,  feeling the overwhelming Christmas-y sensation when it’s time for the annual Christmas Market, Fika at Petissan, having a good lunch at Gubbhyllan.

Happy or sad.
Alone or in company.
Hungry, full or just peckish.
Rainy, windy or sun blazing.
There is always a reason to visit Skansen. Trust me.